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jake Tapper and Ann Compton report: Per sources, the president worked throughout the night on the speech. Its goal will be to administer to those mourning, honor those impacted by the shootings – including the victims, the heroesObama's Tucson Speech - Wilshire & Washington on Variety.com
The cheers in the Tucson auditorium, filled with University of Arizona college students, jarred me at first. When Obama took the lectern, his tone somber, it was even annoying to hear the pep-rally like cheers start at his pausedLe·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Obama's Tucson Speech, In Other Words
Obama's Tucson Speech, In Other Words. I thought Obama's speech at the memorial for the Tucson shooting victims was a good speech, better in writing than in delivery, which is unusual for him. The pep rally atmosphere was strangeObama's Tucson speech preempted by THAT WOMAN. | RedState
Mister President, here's the bar that you have to clear. It's a high one. A much higher one than your attendants are telling you that it is. They are.WATCH: Obama Tucson Speech - His Moving Tribute But Was it Too ...
Did you miss Barack Obama Tuscon Speech? Watch it here.neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Obama's Tucson speech pitch-perfect
4 Responses to “Obama's Tucson speech pitch-perfect”. Shouting Thomas Says: January 12th, 2011 at 10:36 pm. He did what needed to be done. Obama is a surprisingly wooden orator. He does not do emotion well.Moe Lane » Obama's Tucson speech preempted by THAT WOMAN.
Make them watch this speech. Tell them that you need one just like it, only twice as good. Because if you don't – if you go with your usual scheme where you try to set yourself up as the only rational solution in a world full of the President Obama's Tucson Speech | 111 News Views
And if, as discussed in recent days to help launch his death in more civility in our public discourse, we must remember that it is not easy, because th.President Obama's Tucson Speech | ABC Photo News
Latest news update about; President Obama's Tucson Speech By sources, the president worked the night of the speech.Obama Tucson Speech; Powerful Words from a Friend – More Horror 
New York Times (blog)Obama Tucson Speech; Powerful Words from a FriendMore Horror NewsIn political news, the Wednesday Obama Tucson speech was powerful, down to.
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